Monday, 5 December 2011

Winter Photo Opportunities

Now, winter isn't my favourite season, but it does bring with it some opportunities.

Take the accompanying photo, for instance. Sometimes here in northern climes we can get fog even in the middle of winter. Not being a meteorologist, I'm guessing that it occurs when warmer, moist air descends on a cold surface. I refer to it as ice fog, because it results in ice crystals or hoar frost forming. The formations are as intricate as snowflakes. For a closeup look, go to and type 'hoar frost crystals' in the search box.

On a bigger scale, the photographic magic occurs when trees get covered with it. It's like a sugar frosting. Hence the fruit tree image.

Winter presents some challenges to the photographer, particularly when out in the early hours as the sun rises and the temperature is still low. Frostbite is a possibility, particularly when trying to operate delicate camera switches with bare hands. Batteries can also pooch out early, particularly if they weren't fully charged before setting out. But when you capture the sparkle on the snow, the warm early sun and a glowing red barn on one image, it makes it all worth while.

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