Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Extending Summer, Photographically

At this time of year, most of us are in denial that the long days, warm evenings and cricket sounds at night are soon going to fade into the cool of autumn.  While the change is inevitable, it’s nice to capture that summer feeling in our art and keep it in our walls year 'round. 
For me, the image shown here (Far and Away) brings on the warmth and color of the midsummer evening. This was shot with a long lens trained on a small island in Lake Erie. The trees almost seem to float above the water because the surface of the lake was calm around the island's shore.  A light ripple from the evening breeze creates a cyan reflection of the sky in the water in between, while the inshore water calms again and reflects the alpenglow-like color above the horizon. 
Swallows were constantly swooping over the lake surface, seeking mosquitoes for the evening meal. Waiting for them to get out of the frame required a bit of patience, but their presence was welcome nonetheless.  
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